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Dalian Storage Shelf Design Requirements


A brief summary is given of several key points that should be noticed when using heavy shelves.

(1) 厂房架构(可用高度|梁柱地位|地板条件|防火设备)

(1) Workshop Structure (Available Height | Beam and Column Position | Floor Conditions | Fire Protection Facilities)


When using storage shelves, the reasonable height-width ratio under the beam should be taken into account in order to decide the height-width ratio of storage shelves. The position of column and beam will endanger the storage shelves. The compressive strength of wood floors and the flatness of pavement are also related to the design and installation of storage shelves. The installation location of fire safety facilities and lighting facilities should also be taken into account.


The appearance design and specifications of storage items are related to the selection of storage shelf specifications and models, and the net weight of storage items immediately endangers the storage shelves with which compressive strength is adopted. For storage enterprises, different types of storage shelves are used for trays (wooden pallets) or storage cages or categories. In addition, the number of total storage places must be estimated, taking into account the company's failure. The growth needs of the next two years. These data can be obtained through the analysis of storage systems. We can also ask for some professional suggestions before the design of Tencent Shelf.

(3) 存取性(储存密度|先进先出|储位管理)

(3) Accessibility (storage density | first in first out | storage management)


In other words, in order to obtain a higher relative storage density, it is necessary to have a higher relative storage density. Although some forms of warehousing shelves can obtain the best relative storage density, the methods of location management of relativity are complex and often can not guarantee the control of advanced and backward. Of course, the best three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be sent up. Exhibition, accessibility and storage density are good, but the relative investment cost is more expensive. Therefore, the choice of storage equipment is a compromise of various factors and an application of strategy. For the comparison of accessibility and storage density of various storage equipment, you can call for advice.

(4) 搬运设备(配重式|跨立式|通道宽度|举升高度|举升分量|旋转半径)

(4) Handling equipment (counterweight | straddle | channel width | lifting height | lifting weight | rotating radius)


Storage of storage equipment should be carried out by equipment handling. Therefore, the use of storage equipment should take into account the equipment handling together. The stacker is a common equipment handling, and the total width of the safe passage of the storage shelf will immediately endanger the stacker's adoption form, which is the balance block type or narrow channel type.

(5) 入出库量(先进先出|存取频率|存取数量)

(5) Input and Output Quantity (FIFO | Access Frequency | Access Quantity)


Some types of shelves have good storage density, but the storage volume is not high, suitable for low frequency operation. High storage volume is very important data, which is the main consideration for shelf form selection.


Characteristic uses

仓储货架承重力大,仓储货架每层承载可达5000kg,存取快速方便,是使用广泛的托盘类 货物存储零碎,有较强的通用性.其结构是货架沿仓库的宽度方向分成若干排,其间留一条巷 道,供堆垛起重机、叉车或其他搬运机械通行.每排货架沿仓库纵长方向分为若干列,在垂直方向分为若干层,从而构成大量货位,以供托盘存储货物.

Storage rack has a large load bearing capacity, with a maximum load of 5000kg per storey, fast and convenient access. It is the most widely used pallet cargo storage system with strong versatility. Its structure is that the shelf is divided into several rows along the width direction of the warehouse, with a roadway left for stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery. Each row of shelves is divided into several rows along the longitudinal direction of the warehouse. Vertical direction is divided into several layers, thus forming a large number of cargo spaces for pallets to store goods.

特点:每一块托盘均能独立存入或挪动,仓库货架使货物的装卸过程更简便、更快速.可顺应各品种型的货物,可按货物尺寸要求调整横梁高度,能尽可能地利用仓库的上层空间.配 套设备,成本低,安装与拆除为方便.

Features: Each tray can be stored or moved independently. The warehouse shelf makes the loading and unloading process easier and faster. It can adapt to various types of goods, adjust the beam height according to the size of the goods, and make the best use of the upper space of the warehouse. The supporting facilities are the simplest, the cost is the lowest, and the installation and removal are extremely convenient.

仓储货架是用钢板制造,表面采用静电喷涂处理,防腐/防锈/坚固美观.它的各种规格及承重设计可满足工厂,仓库,拆卸线,仓储超市的使用要求.当你需求的货架每层承重100 -150kg时,这种货架是理想的选择,还可组成平台使用,因此轻型货架适合于工厂储存轻型散件物品和仓储超市的使用.插接方式组装,安装拆卸方便,用途广泛。

Storage rack is made of high-quality steel plate, surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion/rust prevention/strong and beautiful. Its various specifications and load-bearing design can meet the requirements of factories, warehouses, assembly lines and warehousing supermarkets. When you need a shelf with 100-150 kg load per floor, this kind of shelf is an ideal choice and can be used as a platform. Therefore, light shelf is suitable for factory storage of light bulk goods. It is easy to install and disassemble, and has a wide range of uses.


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